Whilst lighting the interior of your church is important, the damage the lighting could be doing is often overlooked. Our church lighting specialists give tips on how to protect your paintings and other delicate decorations.

The correct UV is the key

UV or ultra-violet radiation is emitted from all light sources and comes in various different wave forms. It’s this wave pattern which can damage the delicate pigments in especially older paintings. So it’s vital to ensure all of your bulbs and LEDs are at the most optimal levels of UV.

Don’t be so direct

Feature enhancing lighting such as spots or directional LEDs should never be aimed directly at paintings or fabrics, as they can often get very hot. Damage can be seen in the form of search marks, or fading over a prolonged period of time. It can also be a fire hazard,

Turn down the heat

Although modern bulbs do not run at temperatures high enough to cause fires, it’s still important to ensure that the chance is completely eliminated. Make sure there is nothing touching the bulb, and there is not filaments exposed.

Avoid sunlight

Sunlight carries the strongest UV radiation levels, and will fade your paintings over time. It is recommended to monitor the sun rays at different times of the day to see where they are most prominent, and avoid putting pictures in those areas.