A guide on the best ways to show your church in the best light, brought to you by The Church Lighting Specialist.

One of the most effective ways to increase the visual appeal of your church is with effective lighting design. Many people believe that because of the large open spaces, old fixtures and fittings, as well as sometimes damaged structures, that there is no way of improving the aesthetics without major structural and re-fit work. But this simply isn’t the case.

A well designed church lighting system can brighten up your church in more ways than one. As well as providing ambient lighting for general purpose, decorative lighting can be added to enhance the look of both the interior and exterior of a church. A successful lighting scheme can compliment the structures architecture, highlighting the beautiful original features and illuminating religious artefacts and displays.

The use of colour is extremely important, we recommend rich and warming colours like reds and oranges, these usually work best with a more traditional church and pay homage to the days of open fires and huge candles. For a more modern church, blues and greens work very well, they give off a futuristic feel.

Another important factor in your church lighting system is the control unit. Many of todays systems require more complex operation, where a simple on/off switch simply won’t do. In order to control the timings, colours, luminosity, hue, brightness, dimness and lighting configurations, a more sophisticated control unit is required. Luckily, gone are the days of complicated switch boards and decks, these days everything can now be controlled from a smartphone app. Everything is now at the tap of a screen.

Mood lighting in a church can lift the spirits of patrons, worshippers and visitors alike. Well designed lighting can make people feel more comfortable, more willing to participate and more relaxed. It can give different ambiances depending on the event, whether it be typical Sunday service or a very special wedding day, the configurations are limitless.